Winchester now Archie
A Better English Setter Rescue
Winchester at the Shelter.
Winchester got lost and ended up at a kill shelter.
This handsome, 45# guy is estimated to be three years old.
He is a sweetheart and loves everyone he meets.
Winchester at his temporary foster home
saying goodbye to his buddy, Jack in the Box.  
On his way to his foster home.
Ready for the next adventure.
Winchester or "Win" as we call him is a real rascal.
He seems to go 90 mph nonstop just as a field setter should.  
Win was found on his own running in the wild and learned
to be very independent.

That does not stop him from wanting to be hugged, petted and loved
or curling up with you on the couch. Winchester is not perfect in the
house, he loves to counter surf, and knows how to help you pre-wash
the dishes going into the dishwasher.  He is not much for playing ball
he would rather be hunting crickets, butterflies and such.

Win is a little stubborn and is not catching on to the sit, down, heel-
too much other stuff to explore. He crates, rides well, and got a gold
star in the vets’ office on behavior. Win must have at least a 4-foot
fence and will never be off leash when out of his yard.
He is great with other dogs; has not met a human he does not like and
his temperament is excellent. Cats are an unknown but gets along
with a Pomeranian ok. Winchester would sure like a male in his life as
he seems to gravitate to the male humans in the family easier. He has
tons of affection to give.