Zara II
is in a Foster-to-Adopt home.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Zara is in a
Foster-to-Adopt home,
she will be adopted by her foster
home once her medical needs
have been met.
Name:  Zara
Age: 8-9 years
Sex: Female
Weight: 53 lbs.
This 8 year old baby was turned into the shelter with no
name and no paperwork, her owners said they could no
longer take care of her.

We took Zara right to the vet and found out that she has
many mammary tumors on both sides of her body.

Zara has had one surgery and half of the tumors have been
removed, she was also be spayed.

Zara still needs to return to the vet in a few weeks for a
second round of surgery to remove more tumors and have
some dental work done as her teeth are in sad shape.  

This sweet, sweet girl is taking everything in stride.
More updates coming soon or you can follow her on
Freedom ride!!
Zara II
is in a Foster-to-Adopt home.
Zara update January 27th.
This sweet girl had her sutures out and is healing very nicely.
Her foster mom says she is very easy to love!
She is learning about toys and what it is like to be loved unconditionally!
My Foster Mom is taking good care of me,
she even caught me taking a nap!

I need all your setter Zen on February 28th when
I will have a dental and the other side of my
mammary tumors done.

Thank you for helping me become a healthy,
happy setter girl again!

Love, Zara